Translation Service

Promising Reliable, Quality Translations

YPS offers comprehensive translation services in multiple language pairs, allowing your business to successfully transition into foreign markets and maximize your opportunities.

Our translators are not only linguistic experts, but they also have extensive knowledge in each targeted field of translation. Therefore, regardless of the type of business or the scope of the translation projects, we can assure you that at YPS we have the resources and expertise to meet the expectations and requirements of all our clients.

We excel at producing high-quality work under tight deadlines while maintaining the ability to meet your legal, regulatory, and organizational requirements. In addition, we guarantee reliable quality with our double-checking procedure conducted by dedicated proofreaders.

We have expertise in languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Russian, and more.

Our Speciality

Technical Translation

You can trust us with translations of technical documents such as product specifications, instructional manuals,  research & analysis papers, and more in the style and format according to each specialized field.

Translation of Various Business Documents

Whether it is online or paper-based, we translate all types of written materials such as Power-Point presentations, brochures, newsletters, online publications, and more.

Patent Translation

For patent specifications, we will prepare translations in formats according to international applications such as PCT specifications, the Paris Convention, and more.

Translations of Digital Contents

We offer digital solutions to assist you in your continued global strategy.

The true power of translation lies within the ability to bridge the gap between cultural differences. We tailor our translations to each region by having our culturally aware translators pay careful attention to the contextual appropriateness of each phrase and expression.

Digital areas we can assist with include:
  • Website translation
  • Online publications
  • E-mail translation
  • Social media translation
  • Digital marketing translation

Translation Fields

  • Electrical, Electronics, Automobiles, Semi-conductors
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Games & Apps
  • Accounting & Marketing
  • Banking & Finance, Securities, Insurance
  • History & Culture
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Architecture, Design, Fashion
  • IT, Computer Software, Security, AI
  • Chemistry & Biology
  • Business Administration & Management
  • Law, Patents, IP, Trademarks
  • International Relations, Politics, Diplomacy
  • Art, Music, Entertainment
  • Environment & Energy
  • Tours & Travels, …. and much more


  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Indonesian

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Vietnamees
  • Arabic, … and much more

Document Types

Some examples of documents we handle include:

Technical Translation

Instructional manuals, product specification, training materials, contracts, catalogs, specifications, and technical papers.

Business Documents

Website, advertisements, presentation documents, marketing materials, and speeches.

Law and Contract Translation

Articles of incorporation, corporate registrations, lease agreements, employment contracts, certified copy of real estate register, notarial deeds, letter of indemnity, appraisals, ISO, various press releases, audit reports, and compliance manuals.

Patent Translation

Publication of application, application forms, priority certificates, power of attorney, pending process documents, notice of opposition, licensing agreements, and certificates.

Trial Related Documents

Written complaints, record of oral argument, various petitions, employment contracts, and judicial decisions.

Medical Translation

Investigator's brochures (IB), trial implementation protocols, new drug applications, documents related to non-clinical studies, labels, instructional manuals, medical journal articles, and various research materials.

Academic Papers

Research dissertations, academic dissertations, theses, and reference documents.

Game and App Translation

Online games, manuals, strategy guides, printed manga, and online manga.

Finance and Banking Translation

Accounting and finance-related materials, internal audit documents, training materials, documents submitted by the Financial Services Agency, sales & business reports, financial statements, annual reports, and market research reports.

Certified Documents

Birth & marriage certificates, academic certificates, official transcripts, school reports, medical reports, and bank statements.

Prices & Rates

If you would like a cost estimate, please contact us via phone, e-mail, or inquiry form.