Interpreting Service

Connect to the Future
by Supporting Global Communications

Whether they are seminars and business meetings, trade shows, international conferences, or online video conferences, our mission is to provide high-quality interpreting services with unwavering customer support. We assure this by always considering our client's point of view as well as responding to their needs and objectives with care.

In addition, our interpreters are not only linguistic experts, but they also have extensive experiences in a variety of business fields and industries.  Therefore, whether it is for a highly technical conversation between engineers, sales negotiations by top executives, or a presentation at a marketing seminar, we can confidently assure the accuracy and quality of their work and that it will exceed the expectations of our clients.

We believe that these quality services as well as our contribution toward our clients’ successes are the reasons why we have our clients’ utmost trust and continued business.

Types of Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

The interpreter speaks at almost the same time as the speaker. It is often used at international conferences, symposiums, large-scale seminars, and more. Interpreting equipment such as headsets and microphones are used, and in some cases, an interpreter booth is also necessary. Simultaneous interpretation usually consists of two people who take turns interpreting at 15-20 minutes at a time.
Whispering Interpretation
In situations when only a few people are in need of interpretation or when interpretation is required within a limited amount of time, whispering interpretation is available. As with simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter speaks at almost the same time as the speaker. In this case, however, the interpreter speaks only into the ears of those in need of interpretation (1-2 people). There may be cases when simple interpretation equipment is also used.

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter speaks during breaks in the speaker's speech while matching the speaker’s tempo. Consecutive interpretation is suitable for meetings and discussions with multiple speakers, Q&A sessions, and business negotiations. Interpretation time is approximately the same as the original speaking time. For example, for a 1-hour meeting, the speaker's time is approximately 30 minutes.

Fields of Interpreting

  • Electrical, Electronics, Automobiles, Semi-conductors
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Games & Apps
  • Accounting & Marketing
  • Banking & Finance, Securities, Insurance
  • History & Culture
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Architecture, Design, Fashion
  • IT, Computer Software, Security, AI
  • Chemistry & Biology
  • Business Administration & Management
  • Law, Patents, IP, Trademarks
  • International Relations, Politics, Diplomacy
  • Art, Music, Entertainment
  • Environment & Energy
  • Tours & Travels, …. and much more


  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Vietnamees
  • Arabic, … and much more


  • Seminars & workshops
  • International conferences
  • Government negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Client visits
  • Trade shows
  • Symposiums
  • Business meetings
  • Sightseeing
  • Video conferences. ... and much more.

Examples of Interpreting Service

Trade Shows

Interpretation at an exhibitor booth for an international photonics trade show. Consecutive interpretation (Japanese ⇔ English), San Francisco, California.

Detailed confirmation regarding the company, documentation, and technical terminology is possible at a meeting prior to the event.

Seminars and Lectures

Interpretation of counselor speeches and seminars for fields relating to foreign-affiliated technical consulting. Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese ⇔ English), Tokyo.

Please leave the installation and equipment of the simultaneous interpretation booth to us.

Tours and Workshops

Interpretation for a package tour for ten tourists from Switzerland. Consecutive interpretation (Japanese ⇔ French), various tourist attractions (Osaka Prefecture).

We can accompany clients to various tourist attractions around Japan. We have many interpreters who have certifications to be interpreter-guides.

Research and Sight Inspections

Interpretation at a factory inspection and business negotiation at a Chinese client company. Consecutive interpretation (Japanese ⇔ Chinese), Shenzhen, China.

NOTE: We can also handle making arrangements such as transportation to the factory site, accommodations, and traveling to appointments away from the city.

Skype Meetings

Interpretation of discussions regarding contracts. Interpretation via Skype, Tokyo.

NOTE: It is possible to designate a specific interpreter. You can also trust us to handle multiple meetings. (We will prepare various plans according to the number of meetings scheduled.)

Symposiums & Forums

Simultaneous interpretation for a speaker at an international symposium on asset management. Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese ⇔ English), Tokyo.

NOTE: We can handle interpretation for an audience of 300 people and for over 30 guest speakers. Please leave the installation and preparation of the simultaneous interpretation booth to us.

Ceremonies and VIP Awards

An MOU signing ceremony with a medical research institute. Whispering interpretation (Japanese ⇔ Thai), Thailand.

NOTE: We can handle matters regarding the rehearsal ceremony and timekeeping at detailed meetings.


Interpretation at interviews with several companies that are scheduled to be published in newspapers. Consecutive interpretation (Japanese ⇔ English), San Jose, California. NOTE: We can also create transcripts and translated documents post-interview.


Interpretation for pre-clinical studies and auditing. Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese ⇔ English), Tokyo. NOTE: We can provide interpreters who are highly experienced with various auditing matters such as FDA, PMDA, GLP, GCP, GMP, PV, and more. Accounting, ISO, and Information security audits are also available.

The process from inquiry to the day of services

1. Inquiry
Please let us know the date and time, location, language, business content, and other requests you require for interpretation.
2. Proposal of Interpreters
Based on the information we receive, we will select and propose potential interpreters with quotes.
3. Contract Agreement
After the proposal is approved, we will confirm the interpreter and service content.
4. Final Confirmation
We will confirm details such as meeting time, location, schedule, and a prior meeting with the interpreter if it is required. In order to provide better interpretation service, we ask that you provide us with documents, manuscripts, and other related material that will be used in advance.
5. The Day of Interpretation Service
We have a system in place for our coordinator to be able to provide you with support at any time. Please be assured that we will respond immediately in the case of an emergency.

Prices & Rates

If you would like a cost estimate, please contact us via phone, e-mail, or inquiry form.