Translation Service

How do you deliver the work?
Typically, we send the translation data as an e-mail attachment. Highly confidential documents will be sent with e-mail encryption for your security. We can also flexibly handle requests to deliver by post or other methods, so please don’t hesitate to let us know your preference.
How long do translations take?
Depending on the subject, the translation of a 20-page letter-size document may take approximately 2 to 3 weeks until delivery. For smaller projects, it is possible for the translation to take 4-5 business days.. In the case of an urgent request, please let us know and we will work with you to propose the earliest delivery date possible.
Do you have specialized proofreading?
The completed translation is proofread by at least two in-house proofreaders who are experienced in various specialized fields. With specialists and native speakers of English, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and more at our company, we are able to choose the most suitable proofreader for your project.
This is my first time using your services, so I’m worried about the translation quality.
For a client's first request, we offer a free trial translation of about one letter-size page. Also, splitting up the translation project into multiple parts is also possible by request.
For example, in the case of a large-volume project, the first pages can be translated and delivered first. Once you are satisfied with the overall quality, you can request for the rest of the project to be translated.
This method is popular with many clients because it allows for you to notice details that you may not have considered at the time of the initial request, and you have the opportunity to adjust your requests part-way through the translation.
Is it possible to specify layout and formatting?
Layout and formatting can be specified. For example, if the original document is created in PowerPoint, we will use the same layout for the translated version and format it accordingly to make sure it is ready to be presented as a PowerPoint. Please let us know if you have specific  needs and requirements regarding layout. 
Can you handle technical terminology?
We carefully manage our translators by language and specialized fields. Highly specialized translations such as technical documents and patent documents are handled by translators and proofreaders who are specialized in those fields, so you can trust us with the quality of your project.
What kinds of backgrounds do your translators have?
Our translators have experience in various business fields as well as expertise in many specialized fields. Please feel free to let us know if you would like to be provided with a list of translators to choose from.
Can I request corrections to the translation after delivery?
Typically, we offer corrections free of charge.
How long do cost estimates take?
Once we receive an inquiry, we will provide you with a cost estimate within one or two business days.
Is it possible for you to edit documents such as PowerPoints and brochures during translation?
If you can provide us with the original source data, we can edit the document. We offer minor editing free of charge.
Can you standardize terminology and format?
We can designate and standardize translated terminology, as well as format and layout according to your requests.
Is it possible to have the translation delivered in a short amount of time? Do you have a rush rate?
In the case of a request for delivery in less than half of the normal delivery time, we can accept the request with a rush rate.
Are there any costs other than the translation fee, such as project management fees?
There are no costs related to translation other than the translation fee. However, there may be separate additional costs such as DTP, website creation, transcription, and others.

Intrepreting Service

I am concerned about the interpreter’s quality.
At YPS, we have experienced interpreters who have passed a rigorous examination process and are specialized in various fields. We will provide you with the interpreter’s profile along with the initial cost estimate. Our coordinator will respond to any questions you may have about the interpreter’s performance or experience. You can also request a specific interpreter.
Can I have a meeting with the interpreter beforehand?
If you would like to have a meeting with the interpreter ahead of time, it is possible to have the interpreter arrive earlier than the designated work time on the day of interpretation for a meeting or briefing (this will be counted toward the interpreter’s time restrictions). If you would like to have a meeting on another day earlier than the day of interpretation, please feel free to let us know so we can provide you with a separate cost estimate.
What should I do if I can’t confirm how long the business talks will take?
If the time of work exceeds the requested or scheduled amount of time, there will be an extra charge of 150% of the interpretation rate per hour. We recommend that you allow for some time to spare when making a scheduling request.
Will there be costs other than the interpretation fee?
There are instances where we may charge separately for transportation fees, accommodation and travel expenses, and others. We will inform you of any additional costs before billing.
Can I arrange for an interpreter for overseas business trips?
You can trust us with interpretation services for overseas business trips to regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia. We have interpreters in numerous countries so it is possible to provide you with an interpreter who lives close to the site so it is possible to reduce the cost of having someone travel with you for your request.
Can an interpreter be requested for just a few hours?
We also accept requests for shorter interpretation needs such as business negotiations, meetings, and more. Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs.

Other Questions

Can you sign an NDA with us?
We have various formats of NDAs prepared. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Is it possible to do a deferred payment of the fees?
You will be billed after the services have been completed. In the case of translation, you will be billed after the work has been delivered and approved.
Can I specify a payment site?
We can bill you according to your preferred closing date. Please let us know your preferences.
Payment Methods
Please choose from one of the following payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal, or check (the United States only). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding payment.