Who we are

Located in the midst of the scenic metropolitan city of San Francisco, with headquarters in Osaka, Japan, YPS International is a linguistic specialist company that offers translation, interpretation, and localization support to diverse businesses, individual clients, and local communities.
While being an expert of English and Asian languages (especially Japanese, Chinese, and Korean), we are as diverse as our clients who are located in multiple regions around the world including South-East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malysia, and more), Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Russia, and more), and Latin America.

We strive to support our global clients who are at the forefront of innovation in many business fields and industries such as science & technology, global economy & politics, culture & entertainment, and more. We have over 500 highly qualified, bilingual/ bi-cultural, and multi-lingual/multi-cultural professionals who provide superior service for their respective communities as well as exceed the expectations of each unique client.


Holiday Closure Notice

Please note that our offices will be closed over the holiday period from Tuesday 29th December 2020 to Monday 4th January 2021.

We look forward to serving you again when we resume regular working hours on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

On behalf of all of our staff, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage this year and to wish you a safe and restful holiday season.

Thank you for your understanding.


In response to COVID-19, we can help your business adjust as follows:

  • Interpreting in video conferences, online seminars, and webinars (English-Japanese).
  • Urgent preparation for new contracts and various legal documents in foreign languages.
  • Translation and localization of content for new online products and services.
  • Translation and localization of marketing materials such as websites, apps, digital advertisements, and/or landing pages.

Why you should choose our service:

  • You can focus on essential business discussions without wasting time and resources on translation efforts as well as eliminating anxiety and stress that may come with language barriers.
  • Our linguists are the best in the business and their respective fields.
  • We provide our services with flexibility when responding to urgent or one-time inquiries, regardless of the size of the project.
  • We handle multiple languages including but not limited to English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean.

For questions or inquiries, please click Contact or reach us via email <info@yps-ic.com>


We support your business going virtual!

As the COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe we would like to take this moment to wish all our clients, business partners, their families, and friends to stay healthy and well.

In this unprecedented circumstance where communicating virtually and providing information and services online is becoming essential, we will be extending our services to cover the following areas:

* Interpreting in phone/video conferences, virtual seminars, and webinars (English-Japanese).
* Translation and localization of the content for new online products and services.
* Translation and/or proofreading of virtual education programs, training, and presentation materials.
* Translation and localization of marketing materials such as websites, apps, digital advertisements, and/or landing pages.

*We handle multiple languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please reach us via email


Our Service

Translation Service

For many businesses and organizations, translation is an integral part of operating in a global marketplace that is becoming increasingly multicultural and multilingual. YPS offers professional and accurate translation while ensuring linguistic expertise and quality customer service.

We assist our clients in a variety of industries such as law, IT & technology, medicine & science, energy & environment, finance & global economy, and international politics.

We also handle a variety of documents such as marketing materials, websites, contracts, patent applications, factory manuals, financial reports, academic papers, and certified document such as marriage certificates.

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Interpreting Service

Our professional interpreting services help clients communicate with others in a wide range of situations from trade shows, seminars, and business meetings to international conferences, symposiums, and online video conferences. We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation depending on the situation, and we can accommodate multiple languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Russian, and more.

Every member of our interpreting team is a master at accurately conveying nuanced meaning from one language to another in any situation and in real time.

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Localization Support

With our expertise in translation and interpretaing, we extend our support to our clients in their overseas expansion and localization process.

Localization is the complex process of adapting your business and marketing content to a specific region’s language and cultural sensitivities so that it conveys ideas more naturally for that particular region. We believe translation is one of the most critical element of this dynamic localization processes that requires deep understanding of local language, culture, and technologies.

Websites, content management, e-mails, or face-to-face communication – whatever your localization needs are, our professional and expert native-speakers will help you to most effectively communicate the intent of your original message.

    Our service include:

  • Business trip support
  • Website translation
  • Digital marketing translation
  • E-mail & Social media translation
  • Interpreting in the business meeting or in marketing venues and more…

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Key Features of YPS

High Level of Expertise and Reliable Quality

YPS translation services first began with patent translation and technical translation that requires a high level of expertise in medicine & science. Since then, the company has expanded to many other fields. Today, with over 500 translators and interpreters who are familiar with various specialized fields, we continue our commitment to quality with comprehensive translation and interpretation.

We have established high standards for our translators and interpreters, and we also conduct thorough in-house training and quality control. Additionally, we listen to customer feedback and strive to improve our quality of service and increase satisfaction for all of our clients.

Complete Support System

Each customer will have their own sales representative who is responsible for everything including cost estimates, orders, coordination, delivery, and follow-up. By accurately understanding each client’s requests, the representative can provide detailed and customized support for the client.

In addition, our staff in Japan and in the United States cooperates as a team so they are able to respond quickly and flexibly to inquiries and requests both domestically and internationally.

Secure Pricing Structure

Quality service is commonly attached to a high rate. However, at YPS International we are constantly creating original ideas in order to offer high-quality translation and interpretation services at a cost that is as affordable as possible. Also, we have set up an easy-to-understand pricing structure so our customers can use our services with ease and confidence.

If you have any questions regarding prices, please feel free to contact us through the cost estimate form, by e-mail, or by another method.